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Time you found out what a dentist in Haymarket can do for your teeth?

NHS service focused care

At Haymarket Dental Care, we are first and foremost an NHS-backed dental practice who is committed to providing the residents of Edinburgh with affordable routine and general dentistry procedures that are of the highest standard available. Alongside general NHS dentistry solutions, we are also a dentist in Haymarket who provides a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to those who may require them, such as cosmetic braces, white fillings and porcelain veneers.

At Haymarket Dental Care we recognise that over the last few months things haven’t been easy, and that Covid-19 may have caused a number of our patients to somewhat neglect or lessen their daily oral habits. For those who feel this way we also offer preventive dentistry solutions through our expert hygienist who can make sure that patient's teeth are healthy and dentally fit enough that they needn’t be concerned about their teeth impacting on their overall health and wellbeing.

Discreet orthodontics

As mentioned, alongside providing NHS-backed dental care to residents of Haymarket and beyond, here at Haymarket Dental Care, we are also a dentist in Haymarket who offers cosmetic treatments which can help address superficial concerns which patients may have about the way their smiles look. Having crooked, badly aligned teeth can cause a high amount of stress and discomfort for many, as well as cause a number of dental related problems such as difficulty chewing or speaking clearly.

Lots of patients do not necessarily seek out the treatments which they need however, because they are afraid or concerned over how the treatments will make them look. Traditionally, dental alignment was achieved through metallic, fused braces which were attached to each individual tooth. These often had a detrimental impact on how patients look, and have caused a number of people to actively refrain from seeking help they need. At Haymarket Dental Care we offer discreet orthodontics which provide patients with the ability to correct their misaligned teeth through treatments which cause little to no impact on how they look. These discreet orthodontics are often removable also, which allow for an even greater amount of freedom for our patients to enjoy.

Cosmetic whitening services

Another reason as to why patients may wish to visit our dentist in Haymarket here at Haymarket Dental Care is to seek out cosmetic dental whitening. This is inarguably one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry which we offer here, largely because of its ability to visibly enhance a patient's smile within as short a timeframe as a single visit to our practice. People are often self-conscious about the shade of their enamel, particularly those who have habits such as smoking or those who like to drink red wines or black coffee as these can speed up the discolouration of our enamel and cause visible marks and stains to patient's teeth.

However, by receiving cosmetic teeth whitening from us here at Haymarket Dental Care, we can clear away any stains and marks almost instantaneously through a hydrogen-peroxide based whitening agent which is placed inside a custom made retainer, before being placed over the patient's teeth. Anyone who is looking to visibly enhance and maximize the shade of their teeth should take action and speak to one of our cosmetic experts here at Haymarket Dental Care to see what they can do.



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