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Look no further than our dedicated dentist in Haymarket for all your oral care

Committed to you

If you are looking for an NHS and private dentist in Haymarket who will put your needs at the forefront of every service and treatment available, then Haymarket Dental Care has you covered. For more than a decade now we’ve been providing local Edinburgh residents with quality dental care with a smile, and focus our practice on providing NHS dental care alongside a range of cosmetic dental options and both preventative and restorative dentistry.

Anyone who is looking for a dentist in the heart of Haymarket that is truly dedicated to creating beautiful and healthy smiles should get in touch with our approachable and friendly staff whenever they can.

What does a dentist in Haymarket offer?

At Haymarket Dental Care we are a dentist in Haymarket who aims to provide the patients with an extensive range of general density treatments that covers everything they could possibly need to maintain a healthy and happy smile.

These treatments range from extractions and oral surgeries to root canal therapy, emergency dental care and specialist treatment for nervous patients. We also have a branch of our practice that specialises in more cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, cosmetic braces, white fillings and porcelain veneers.

For anyone who may be missing either one or more teeth, we also provide specialist restorative dental treatments such as dental implants, bridges, crowns and dentures as well as denture stabilisation. Alongside these restorative treatments, our team also specialise in preventative dentistry - which aims to keep patients' teeth in a fit and healthy condition - and covers treatments such as dental hygiene and care for sensitive teeth as well as children.

What care is provided for nervous patients?

Dental anxiety is something that affects a large portion of the public and is one of the main contributors to adults avoiding getting routine dental care. This is why we have a specialist arm of our practice here at Haymarket Dental Care that specialises in providing dental care to nervous patients who suffer from varying degrees of dental anxiety. To help combat any stress which is felt about going to the dentist our staff have gone to great lengths to create a relaxing feeling environment in which patients can feel comfortable.

We also understand that familiarity is a large factor in making patients who are nervous about the dentist feel more at ease. This is why we take our time when carrying out initial consolations to create a personalised treatment plan and schedule which puts the patient in control. Additionally, we can use modern numbing techniques to sedate patients during treatment such as topical anaesthetic gels which can numb patients and allow the dentist to work without disturbing them.

At Haymarket Dental Care we understand that all our patients are unique and individual, which is why we always take a unique approach with every patient so that they feel their needs are both understood and respected by their dentist. If you would like to discuss nervous density treatments further with one of our practitioners then get in contact today and schedule a visit.



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