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What can my dentist in Haymarket offer my children?

Caring for children’s teeth takes a special character with an understanding and compassionate edge. Your dentist in Haymarket is available to answer questions from both yourself and your children regarding the health of their teeth, in a relatable and fun way, that is both educational and exciting.

It is so important that we get children’s dentistry right, because these moments now set up your child’s oral health for life. By coming in to see us as soon as your child cuts their first tooth, we can together embark on a journey that allows for great oral hygiene routines to be established and healthy habits to be formed early.

Really? I need to take my child to the dentist when they are very young?

It really is a meet and greet early on, both beneficial for your baby as well as yourself. We want to be available to you so that we can answer any of those unanswered questions that most parents tend to have regarding the odd quirks of their child’s development, as well as the right way in approaching oral health at such a young age.

The more you bring in your baby to our dental practice, the more familiar they will become with the sights and smells that are unusual to them, and with us, investigating their mouth and teeth.

This can allow for less traumatic experiences as they grow older, making the necessary trips to the dental practice easier for both yourself and them.

As your child gets older, we can talk more with them about how to brush their teeth and why there is a need to, as well as offer some preventive treatments that ensure their smile remains strong and healthy.

But baby teeth fall out, surely it isn’t that important!

Baby teeth do fall out, but that doesn’t make them any less important. In fact. Your dentist in Haymarket will tell you that issues presented in baby teeth, will and do, cause issues with the developing adult teeth underneath. This is especially true if baby teeth are decayed and rotting, resulting in them needing to be taken out or if they prematurely fall out.

Adult teeth may begin to grow crooked and uneven, making for expensive and potentially traumatic straightening devices or surgery to be needed as they grow older.

We are all about positive experiences and healthy teeth here. We want your child to find their dentist in Haymarket interesting and friendly, the dental practice insightful and full of weird and wonderful gadgets; and brushing their teeth to be important and easy to do.

With the right kind of guidance and the right attitude both from the parents and the professionals, we are confident that as a team, we can support your child to develop healthy habits for themselves that they can carry through into their adult years.

When you come in to visit us, we will be able to discuss the different treatments that would be suitable for your child, to help prevent decay or disease forming in their vulnerable young teeth.



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