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A dentist in Haymarket is here to help

If you have any concerns regarding your smile, then remember that your dentist in Haymarket is here to help. We have a range of different oral health treatments designed to suit your personal needs and approach your care in a holistic and compassionate way.

We allow you to approach us with your concerns first, before examining your smile and together looking through the results. From there, a series of options are available for us together to investigate, to ensure that the path forward to a healthier and more beautiful smile is the right one for you at this point in time.

We will usually recommend a course of treatment, providing the advantages and disadvantages of certain options that are available to you. We can discuss time frames, consequences of not having treatment and costs. Always know that we have financing terms available and that your dentist in Haymarket simply wishes for you to be open and candid about your situation so that we can find the best suitable solution for you.

Often it feels like a more affordable choice is the only option available, but sometimes we forget that in some instances, the less expensive option isn’t the most ideal and you may need further treatment later in life. This can result in costing more in the long run, as well as costing your health as well. With suitable and understanding financial options, we can provide you the opportunity to get the smile you deserve without needing to worry about the price tag.

The different kinds of treatments available

We generally look at treating your smile through a series of different styles of dentistry. These styles include preventive care, restorative treatments and cosmetic dentistry. Although they are different, there does tend to be a strong overlap, meaning that a cosmetic treatment, for example, can also be both preventive and restorative as well.

By looking at your oral health care holistically, your dentist in Haymarket is able to seek solutions that provide the most positive outcome. When you speak to us about your expectations and wishes, we can discover the right kind of treatments that will suit you, allowing for the best possible experience as well.

Cosmetic dentistry is something that a lot of us don’t believe to be essential, however, having straight, white and beautiful teeth actually means your teeth are strong and healthy as well. Frequently cleaning your teeth professionally is an easy way to whiten by removing those fresher stains that have begun to discolour teeth.

Straight teeth is something we can all agree is desirable and it is actually better for your oral health as well, reducing those areas that are hard to reach and eliminating that build-up of plaque and food debris in such spaces.

When you love your smile, you are more inclined to care for it and this results in you being able to enjoy stronger teeth for much longer. There are so many tools that we can provide you with as well as treatments that give you that smile you have always wanted to have. Let’s talk about what options are best suited for you.

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