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Approaching your dentist in Haymarket for dermal fillers

When looking to smooth out the signs of ageing, or seeking a plumper look to your naturally thin lips, it may be that you begin considering the idea of dermal fillers. But where to start is often a thought in the patient's mind. Is this a home-based process or a trip to the doctors? Whilst it is entirely possible to get your own do-it-yourself dermal filler kit, it is not something we recommend and therefore contacting your dentist in Haymarket is the way forward.

Facial aesthetics treatments are a very popular method of brightening up aspects of the face and reducing the signs of ageing. After all, we all want to keep a youthful appearance to some extent. Dermal fillers, whilst they are not a permanent solution, are a popular choice in enhancing the appearance of the face and looking to a team that knows the layout of the face on a medical level is definitely putting your best foot forward. No need to be shy

For some patients, discussing any form of cosmetic treatment can be considered embarrassing, but rest assured you are not alone. As society focusses more and more on the cosmetic appeal of different things, our faces and bodies are no different, and therefore seeking healthy options to achieve this is vital. Taking the first step and discussing your aims with your dentist in Haymarket not only ensures that you are receiving the most up-to-date knowledge on the matter, but also enables you to discover all your options and which ones are the healthier solutions. No need to shy away from the topic, it is very popular and at Haymarket Dental Care we offer knowledge and expertise on the subject. Understanding what is being injected into your own skin

When considering dermal fillers, as with all treatments and procedures, the cost of it all has to be considered. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, this is always at the forefront of a patient’s mind. Now whilst this is of course a huge consideration to be had, even more importantly than the cost is what is being injected into the body. Over the years there have been a variety of filler materials used and whilst at reputable establishments such as dental practices there are numerous safety checks on the products, when ordering a home kit there are no guarantees that the checks have been done. The cheaper options are therefore not always the more sensible route to be taken. Worried about the length of time of the treatment?

Unlike more extensive cosmetic treatments, having dermal fillers injected into the face is not a time consuming process. Once the decision to have the treatment has been agreed by you and yourdentist in Haymarket, the actual procedure takes minutes and the results can be seen immediately. No need for long periods of time off of work, or hiding behind the mask whilst the area settles for days on end. A smoother, more youthful look to the face in a matter of minutes results.



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