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Are you a little too nervous to visit your dentist in Haymarket?

If you are a little nervous to come in and visit a caring and understanding dentist in Haymarket, we will do our best to help you overcome these fears. Firstly, it’s quite normal to feel anxious about dental visits, many people experience dental fears to some degree or another.

The important thing that needs to happen is that you recognise these feelings and begin to work through them. By taking advantage of the many kinds of resources that we have available for nervous patients, such as offering guidance, short e-courses and other reading materials on the reasons why people experience fear of their local dentist in Haymarket and how to work through these feelings, then you are empowering yourself with positivity that will help you.

Beyond this kind of self-help, trust that we are here to aid you as well. Firstly, our dental practice is inviting and welcoming. We are not interested in invoking feelings of guilt or fear whilst you wait in our waiting room.

Your dentist in Haymarket is non-judgemental and accepting. We know that nervous patients generally put off treatment for many years and trust us when we say nothing will surprise us. Do not be embarrassed about the condition of your teeth and gums, because we are simply here to help.

We do not look into the past and judge your actions, we are all about the here and now and what we can do together to enable your journey towards a healthier smile to occur. We have many tools at our disposal to allow you to experience a relaxing and comfortable treatment.

What are some of these tools that can make my dental experience more comfortable?

If you need to undergo some kind of restorative treatment, conscious sedation may be an option that allows you to relax before and during the procedure. A lot of anxiety can build up prior to your treatment. By knowing that we are aware of these feelings and that we can offer you sedation so that you are effectively unaware of the procedure happening, this may ease those anxious feelings.

During the treatment, should you choose to have conscious sedation, you will breathe in a gas that allows you to be aware of your surroundings, but more at peace with it all. You may lose track of time and be lost in pleasant thoughts.

Commonly known as laughing gas, it is probable that you will experience feelings of euphoria using this sedation, allowing for a more pleasant treatment.

For nervous patients, sedation is beneficial for both you and the professional working on the procedure. This is because we can focus on the task at hand, knowing that you are comfortable, relaxed and at ease. If you needed to constantly stop to take breaks or were very worked up, this can hinder our progress and may result in a lengthier or more complex treatment.

Please speak with us if you are nervous about any treatment that you need to improve your overall health and the health of your smile. We believe it is so important that you do what you can to work through your feelings, to enable your health and wellbeing to come first.



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