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Could our dentist in Haymarket get your smile back on track?

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Here at Haymarket Dental Care, we recognise the pressures and stresses that a number of our patients have been under during these troubling and uncertain times. Never before has self-care been of such importance, and we are glad that a number of our patients are taking the initiative and seeking out the help of a dentist in Haymarket as a way of keeping their oral health to a good standard, and preventing any potential problems from arising. In the past, many of those who sought out help from our dentist in Haymarket did so to receive cosmetic dentistry treatments - which aim to solve a superficial or cosmetic problem with the patient's teeth. These are still carried out here at Haymarket Dental Care, although we are now seeing an influx of patients who are looking to receive preventive care from our hygienists.

What is a hygienist?

At Haymarket Dental Care, we are a dentist in Haymarket who thoroughly believes that the best possible treatment a patient can receive, is one which prevents them from needing any treatment at all. Achieving this largely falls under the responsibilities of our expert dental hygienists, whose role it is to keep each patient's teeth to a healthy standard, as well as cleaning their gums and identifying any signs of deterioration, damage or infection. Gum disease is the leading preventable cause of adult tooth loss, and can lead to a number of other long-term health ramifications if treatment is not carried out effectively and efficiently. Here at Haymarket Dental Care, our hygienists are able to thoroughly examine all areas within a patient's mouth - including within the hidden pockets or spaces between their teeth - for signs of gum disease, and, if any are noted, they can refer the patient towards getting the correct treatment they need. It is also the job of our hygienist here at Haymarket Dental Care to educate patients - no matter how old they are - about the best tips and methods of flossing and brushing to minimise the need for unnecessary future visits to our practice. We believe that you are never too old to learn something new, and our hygienists prove this on an almost daily basis by giving advice to any patient who requires it.

Scaling and polishing

Another one of the services of our hygienist here at Haymarket Dental Care is a professional deep-cleaning procedure called a ‘scale and polish’. This process is designed to rid the patient’s teeth of any surface plaque build-up, visible marks, stains and tartar, and ultimately leave them with a visibly fresher and healthier mouth. A scale and polish is divided into two stages, the first of which involves the removal of any plaque and tartar from the patient’s teeth - by the use of a specialised ultrasound scraper. Thereafter, a special polishing tool is used to remove any surface marks or visible stains from the patient’s enamel and leave them with a cleaner and healthier smile. The results of such a treatment are often likened to cosmetic dental whitening, although - unlike teeth whitening - the results go beyond the superficial, as the patient can relax knowing their teeth are as fit as they possibly can be.



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