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Discover how a dentist in Haymarket can transform your smile

A change in the air

Over the past few years, here at Haymarket Dental Care, we’ve witnessed a distinct and unprecedented change in the attitudes of a great number of patients. Historically, one of the most challenging aspects of any dental service we would provide would be actually getting patients into the dentist's chair. Today however, more patients than ever before - from all age and social demographics - are turning to the services of our dentist in Haymarket to address a range of issues and desires concerning their teeth, from the structural to the cosmetic. We hypothesise that the reason behind this recent increase may be due to the rise in social media usage and documentation. With more and more people photographing themselves - this may be causing them to pay additional attention to the aesthetics of their smiles and as such spur them on to seek the much needed services of our dentist in Haymarket. Aligned with the times

Whatever the rationale behind this recent increase may be, here at Haymarket Dental Care, we couldn't be happier. One of the most popular forms of treatment which patients are increasingly turning to our dentist in Haymarket for is the provision of subtle orthodontics and dental aligners. These are a relatively new method of orthodontics which, over the past decade, have become massively popular over conventional orthodontics - largely due to their discreet nature. Conventional, fused braces use components such as brackets and wires which are generally easily detectable within the mouths of patients who are undertaking treatment. Additionally, they are often required to be worn for as long as twelve months. Discreet, or ‘invisible’ braces however replace these tools with a plastic, and often removable retainer. This retainer has specifically targeted pressure points within it, which - when the retainer is worn - gradually push the patient's teeth into their correct alignment. Additional to this, discreet orthodontic aligners often yield results in a far shorter time-frame than conventional, fused braces and as such afford patients the ability to have straighter, healthier looking teeth in a far shorter time and without affecting their outward appearance. Bringing out your true colours

Another very popular method of cosmetic treatment where there has been a significant spike in the number of new patients enquiring about it from our dentist in Haymarket is cosmetic teeth whitening. This is a cosmetic treatment which aims to brighten and whiten the natural enamel of a patient's teeth. Our method of tooth whitening works by cleaning away any stains or discolouration through the application of a specialised peroxide-based whitening gel to the insides of a custom moulded retainer. Over time, the natural enamel - which is the outermost layer of tooth - can become dulled or yellowed. Additionally, certain lifestyle choices such as drinking excessive amounts of staining drinks such as red wine, black coffee or tea, or smoking or chewing tobacco can increase staining on a patient’s enamel. Certain medications can also result in the natural enamel of a patient's teeth becoming dulled or yellowed. Those who suffer from discoloured or stained enamel can often find it to have a detrimental effect on their self-esteem and social confidence. However, through tooth whitening from us, they can brighten their smiles from within their own houses and visibly see their teeth get progressively whiter over the course of around two weeks.



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