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Emergency dental care by your dentist in Haymarket

If you are looking for dental care in a flash, then look no further than your dentist in Haymarket for emergency treatment and professional care. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to oral health care after an injury or accident and so ensure that a member of our team is always on hand, ready to provide you with the right advice to get you through these moments.

With a cool head and a calm and collected manner, injuries or pain that can seem overwhelming at the time can be eased and matters put to rest. The first thing that you need to do following an emergency is to call us directly, so that we can talk to you about your personal situation and give you actionable steps to follow before you can make it in to see a dentist in Haymarket.

What is an emergency?

Many people think that an emergency is only when there has been an accident, such as a loss of a tooth. This is serious and needs immediate care, however other injuries such as a chipped tooth, severe pain that isn’t going away, presence of an abscess, swelling and infection, or if a crown has fallen away; all come under the umbrella of emergency dental care and we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

When you come into our dental practice for an emergency appointment, you should know that it is treated differently from a routine examination and we get straight to the issue at hand.

We first clean and sanitise the area to reduce the chances of infection. If you are in pain, we quickly administer pain relief so that you can relax and be more comfortable knowing you are in safe and experienced hands.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, your dentist in Haymarket may be able to completely restore the dental situation, but often we can only provide you with a temporary fix and give a date for another appointment where we can rectify the issue entirely. This is completely dependent on the day, on the number of patients we have and on the severity of your problem.

Losing a tooth

We will do everything in our power to make sure you do not lose one of your teeth. Even if your tooth has been avulsed in an accident, if you are able to retrieve it and store it either in a small jar of milk or place it back in your mouth after being lightly cleaned, then there is a chance we can replace it.

Teeth that have been left in disrepair for a long period can still often be restored and it will only be our last option if we deem it necessary to have to remove the tooth.

Should this worse case situation evolve, then we will give you information on how to replace this tooth with dental implants or other teeth replacement devices, so that you can restore your smile back to full functionality again.

Rest assured our professionals are here to alleviate any of your dental predicaments in a non-judgemental and calm manner, so that you can get back to smiling again.



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