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Emergency dentist in Haymarket

Sometimes unexpected things can happen to your teeth, whether it is an accident or an infection, it can happen quickly and can be scary and uncomfortable. This is why it is great to know that your dentist in Haymarket offers emergency help if needed.

Reasons for an emergency dental appointment

Our dental practice offers emergency dental appointments for a wide range of problems. All of these things can cause extreme pain to you and this is why you should contact your dentist in Haymarket as soon as possible when you experience these things.

Broken tooth

Accidents happen, and this can result in a broken tooth/teeth, this can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, and can stop you from doing your usual day-to-day activities. If you break your tooth, you should book an emergency appointment with us as soon as possible so we can treat it.


Having toothache can be very painful and debilitating, and could mean that there are bigger problems with your teeth that you don’t know about. If you have constant pain that does not go away with painkillers, then you should contact us as soon as possible. It is important to not ignore toothache when you have it, as it could mean you have an infection.

Facial swelling

If you are experiencing swelling in your face along with pain, this can also mean that there are bigger problems with your teeth. This swelling is very uncomfortable and painful, and can cause you to not be able to work, eat or drink comfortably.


A dental abscess is when there is a collection of pus that has formed inside your teeth, bone, and/or gums. This is caused by an infection, which if untreated, can spread to the surrounding teeth and cause future problems/

Having a dental emergency can be a very scary experience, and extremely painful. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate in contacting us. Our team will take care of you and make you feel as comfortable as possible whilst they try and treat your problem.

What happens in an emergency dental appointment?

When you arrive for your emergency appointment, your dentist in Haymarket will thoroughly examine the problemed area, this could include scans such as x-rays. Doing these scans can help us to see the extent of the damage more accurately and deeply. After the problem has been identified, we will numb the area with local anaesthetic if needed. The area will then be sterilised to reduce the risk of infection, this is very important in trying to maintain the health of your teeth.

If your tooth is damaged/broken, it will then be restored temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity. Hopefully it is possible to repair your natural tooth, as this is always our aim as dentists. If you have broken your tooth but still have the missing piece, there is a possibility that this can be reattached, but this isn’t always guaranteed. In some cases, if the damage to the tooth is too bad, then an extraction may be required. This may sound worrying, but we will work with you afterwards and create a treatment plan to replace the missing teeth.



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