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Enjoy professional oral health care from your dentist in Haymarket

The first examination from a new dentist in Haymarket can be somewhat daunting for some of our patients, but we work hard on providing a gentle dental approach, meaning that you can enjoy professional oral health care designed to be patient friendly, giving you the freedom to speak out about any concerns, worries and wishes that you have in regard to your oral health.

By giving you as much information as we possibly can, so that you have some idea as to what you can expect, you can feel more in control and empowered about your initial consultation and subsequent ones with your dentist in Haymarket. Nervous patients can put off visiting their dentist in Haymarket for many years and this, unfortunately, can present with some devastating results.

It seems as if people who expect an expensive outcome in the restoration and care of their teeth make it so by, consciously or unconsciously, refusing to seek timely care and allowing the health of their teeth to deteriorate, forcing our hand in needing to provide those potentially expensive and daunting restorative procedures to bring teeth back into full functionality once again.

Why is it so important to have healthy teeth?

There are so many reasons why it is critical to keep your mouth healthy. Firstly, we can speak about the aesthetics aspect, with white, straight teeth being a cause for self-confidence and good self-esteem, as well as subtly suggesting positive first impressions to be formed by others.

Although we are not all shallow and judge one another on appearances, it cannot be denied that studies have shown us that we can unconsciously judge one another on our trustworthiness, intelligence and attractiveness purely on the initial sight of our smile, which does tend to be one of the first features that we notice in a person.

Secondly, as our bodies are holistic entities, a healthy smile can have a lot of say in how healthy the rest of our bodies are as well. For example, those people with bite issues can suffer from neck, back and head pain, as well as issues with chewing and swallowing. If not correctly diagnosed, individuals who cannot chew their food correctly can go for years with gut and bowel complications, which can have a huge impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, we are seeing many studies bring to light the links between missing teeth and mental health, as well as gum deterioration and heart disease, to name but a few. We are learning more and more every year, but still don’t understand everything about the intimate links between different systems in our bodies.

We do know that keeping our teeth and gums free from disease and our smiles as happy and healthy as can be is extremely important and will pursue this actively with you in a vast array of different ways to suit your personality and lifestyle choices.

Achieving a good level of oral health does not need to be hard. We are eager to show you the ropes and provide you with a great support system to ensure your smile stays with you for life.

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