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Get the smile you deserve through a quality dentist in Haymarket

Take back control

Here at Haymarket Dental Care, we’ve been proudly providing the Edinburgh community with a private and NHS backed dental service for over the past decade. Over that time, we’ve crafted the smiles of countless, happy patients and firmly established ourselves as a reliable, trustworthy dentist in Haymarket and a staple in the local community. In recent years, we’ve noticed a distinct rise in the number of people turning to us for cosmetic dentistry solutions, in line with the recent trend towards image promotion which as been pioneered by the‘selfie’ generation. Here at Haymarket Dental Care, we are happy to be the dentist in Haymarket that our patients trust to help them seize back control of the aesthetics of their smiles.

Subtle restoration

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry in which we’ve witnessed a distinct rise in interest, here at Haymarket Dental Care, is the installation of composite, or white, fillings. Fillings are a common dental procedure that most adults will have to endure at some point or other throughout their lifetime at least once. Those who require fillings do so because the interior of their tooth or teeth have become decayed and require to be cleaned out, and then filled with an appropriate material. NHS funded fillings, which are also available through our dentist in Haymarket are still the most common types of filling and are known as silver amalgam fillings. As you may have gathered, these are made from a silver-coloured material which is formed from a mix of mercury, zinc, copper and tin. These are an effective method of filling in cavities within a patient's teeth, however they are often negatively received due to their visibility within a patient's mouth - particularly if they are in the bottom set of a patient's teeth, as they can be seen when they speak. As a result, an increasing proportion of our patients are turning to white fillings which are the cosmetic alternative. These are similar to silver amalgam fillings, although they are created from a white material. Thus, they blend in perfectly to the patient’s surrounding teeth to the point that they are virtually undetectable. Brightening up your world

Another form of cosmetic dentistry which we have seen becoming increasingly popular, here at Haymarket Dental Care, is teeth whitening. This a procedure which is used to restore a patient's teeth to their natural whiteness and healthy glow and rid them of years worth of superficial discolouration or staining. This is achieved by the application of a specialist dental, peroxide-based whitening gel to the interior of a custom moulded retainer which is then directly applied to the front of a patient's teeth. When worn within our practice, the bleaching agent within the gel begins to work almost immediately and can eradicate all number of stains or discolouration to the enamel of your teeth. We also offer a home-whitening system which allows patients to witness their teeth becoming whiter and whiter over the course of two weeks through a similar method of applying a whitening gel. Those who opt for either method of tooth whitening from us here at Haymarket Dental Care often find it to have a massively transformative effect on their self-esteem and confidence, as their ability to smile to their fullest, without fear or embarrassment is entirely regained.

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