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Have some gaps in your smile that you want rid of?Restoration options by Haymarket Dental

Do you have some missing teeth? Are you looking to close those gaps? We can help!

Regardless of your age, having gaps in your smile can really dent your confidence and can cause you to smile less; considering that smiling has been linked to better moods and higher levels of creativity, it is more important than a simple social gesture.

Of course, in the past, if you had gaps in your smile, it is likely that you would approach your dental surgery for a solution like a fitted bridge or denture; while these are still popular today, there are many other options that can provide you with a more permanent solution.

When you come to Haymarket Dental Care for smile restoration, our dentist in Haymarket can offer you a range of different treatments to fill in those gaps and give you back the smile you remember. Regardless of your age, as long as you have a high standard of oral health and are willing to follow aftercare advice, we can provide you with a smile to be proud of.

So, what are the options that our dentist in Haymarket can offer you to restore your smile and close those gaps? Read on to find out!


If that pesky gap is due to either decay or damage to your tooth, our dentist in Haymarket may suggest fitting a crown.

Also useful for helping in the restoration of teeth that have had a root canal and even to help secure a fitted bridge, crowns are very versatile in restorative dentistry and are discreet enough not to draw stares. They also restore strength to the repaired tooth, allowing you to use it as you did prior to the fitting. Simple!


When you need a more significant amount of teeth replaced, we may recommend the use of either a partial or full set of dentures.

However, at Haymarket Dental Care, we are able to offer a modern twist on this traditional treatment; as many of our patients complain about their dentures becoming loose or ill fitted over time, if you come to us, we can stabilise either your current or a new set of dentures with dental implants. This will enable you to laugh, talk and eat without worrying about wobbly dentures and also it will obviously be beneficial for your confidence.


If you have two or more teeth missing in a row, you may be a suitable candidate for a fitted bridge.

Attached to the support teeth with a metal base, bridges are perfect for restoring strength to your bite and offer an aesthetically pleasing solution to larger gaps. Similar to dentures, we may also be able to secure your bridge in place with the use of dental implants.

Dental implants

And finally, if you want a single tooth replaced or require a fitted denture, dental implants are the answer. Requiring a metal screw like object to be fitted to your jaw (the implant), this option can secure multiple prosthetic treatments.



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