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Have you lost a tooth? Your dentist in Haymarket can help

It can be devastating once you have lost a tooth. Although it is a common occurrence either because of sporting injuries, age, or due to health complications, it doesn’t make it any easier to accept. Only once we have lost one or some of our teeth do we really begin to appreciate what it is like to have a fully functional mouth and a full set of teeth.

Teeth are designed to work with one another, each supporting the other in a complex system that needs to be managed and maintained correctly for it to work as it should. If the system has a weak spot, the rest of the teeth will suffer.

A dentist in Haymarket will do their best to retain your original teeth, because this is quite often the best option. This is why we have a vast range of restorative treatments and use only the best of materials to ensure a durable and long lasting treatment that maintains the condition of your teeth.

In some instances though, it is better to remove a tooth if it is too far gone, is going to cause a host of complications in the near future or if it was avulsed and cannot be replaced.

We would like you to know that if you have avulsed a tooth due to an injury, that if you can make it to your dentist in Haymarket within an hour or so with the tooth safety intact, there is a possibility that we can place it back in your mouth permanently.

What if my tooth cannot be saved?

There are several procedures that we can offer you that will allow for full functionality of your mouth again. Your dentist in Haymarket will strongly recommend dental implants as they have a life span of several decades, meaning that they are a more permanent fixture in your mouth and present with far fewer complications.

Other treatments, such as dentures or a bridge, do not support your jawbone as dental implants do and as a result, can lead to issues with your bone receding, which will loosen your other teeth over time. Premature ageing of the facial structure is also possible because of this and for those people who are eager to enjoy their lives confidently, they may find this to be an issue they would rather not face.

The treatment is designed to have no upper age limit and is used for a range of issues that people with missing teeth can have. So if you have lost a single tooth, multiple teeth or have none of your natural teeth still existing, then we are confident that we will be able to do something about your smile and offer you a more stable and long lasting solution.

For those who have underlying health or dental conditions, we do ask that you consult with one of our professionals, so that we can ensure that this treatment will be suitable for you. We do need to make certain that the minor surgical procedure will not be too difficult for you to overcome and heal from swiftly.



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