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Help our dentist in Haymarket keep your smile happy and healthy

Keeping up appearances

Here at Haymarket Dental Care, all we want is to see healthy smiles on the faces of each of our patients. As the world slowly returns to some sort of semblance of normal after the impact of Covid-19, we recognise that, for many of our patients, smiling can seem to be a challenge. The recent lockdown measures have caused a number of us to focus more on all aspects of our overall health and wellbeing.

We are a dentist in Haymarket who fully supports this increase in health awareness, and we wish to stress that our oral habits ought to be viewed with the same amount of scrutiny and attention as all other aspects of our lives such as dieting and exercise. If we properly maintain a healthy standard of oral wellbeing then our focus can be divided elsewhere, however if you neglect to properly and efficiently brush your teeth then it could potentially lead to a number of health ramifications which are not ideal during what is already a stressful and trying time for a number of people.

Thankfully, by turning to our dentist in Haymarket for help, patients can have their oral health check on by an expert, as well as have their teeth professionally cleaned through the services of our dental hygienists.

What is a dental hygienist?

Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments have been massively popular over recent years - and still are to this day - they only focus primarily on how the patient’s teeth look on an aesthetic level. At Haymarket Dental Care we understand that the aesthetics of a smile play a vital role in keeping patients happy, however we also stress the importance of making sure that your smile is as healthy as it should be. The maintenance of a healthy smile is a duty which falls upon our expert dental hygienists, whose job is centred around doing all that they can to preserve the health and integrity of a patient's smile.

Given the recent lockdown measures and the shift in social consciousness towards healthy living, it is clear to see that many of our patients could potentially benefit from a visit to our hygienists. One of the key roles of a dental hygienist is to assess the health of each patient's tooth and gum and establish if any signs of periodontal disease (gum disease) are evident. If so, the hygienist will then recommend the best course of treatment for the patient to undergo to get their gums and teeth back to full health.

Benefits of a scale and polish

Another principal duty of our expert hygienists, which attracts many patients to our dentist in Haymarket, is a scale and polish procedure. Unlike any cosmetic treatment, the purpose of a scale and polish is purely preventive, as it aims to leave the patient’s teeth in a fit and healthy state through professionally deep-cleaning them. Many people often have hidden pockets of plaque and tartar throughout their mouths, regardless of the efficiency and effectiveness of their brushing habits. This is especially true for those who have badly aligned teeth, or are wearing fixed orthodontic appliances, as there is an increased likelihood of the patient missing areas when brushing.

During a scale and polish, our hygienists use hand-held specialised dental tools to remove any plaque or tartar from stubborn areas as well as any superficial stains on the surface of the patient's teeth. They then ‘polish’ the patients teeth, which leaves them with a ‘squeaky-clean’ feeling smile which looks far healthier than before seeking treatment. Those who are looking to get their teeth back to full health after the lockdown ought to speak to one of our staff about undergoing a scale and polish from one of our highly trained hygienists here at Haymarket Dental Care.

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