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Invest in your oral health care with a dentist in Haymarket

Here at Haymarket Dental Care, we understand the significant role preventive and general dentistry play in maintaining a good standard of oral health. We are passionate about offering the best care possible when it comes to our patients’ dental health and offer a variety of treatments in order to achieve optimal results.

Our dentist in Haymarket together with our highly skilled team of dental practitioners work hand in hand to deliver a selection of dental treatments, ranging from general cleaning and whitening to implants and veneers, not forgetting dermal fillers and cosmetic procedures.

We believe in preventive dentistry

At our practice we recommend that adult patients visit our dentist in Haymarket at least once every six months for a routine examination, to ensure there are no signs of infection and that your teeth and gums are in a good condition. For younger patients it’s recommended that they visit a dentist at least once a year.

General check-ups are a fantastic way to ensure that there are no dental issues or infections present and if detected an early diagnosis is key in order to successfully treat any condition. Preventive dentistry is crucial to having healthy teeth and gums and we encourage all our patients to arrange a general check-up routinely as part of their oral health plan.

Are you hoping to undergo a smile makeover with a complete dental transformation?

Are you struggling to smile confidently due to the appearance of your teeth? Are you self-conscious about having a large gap or do you have misaligned teeth? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions perhaps it’s time to consider having a smile makeover. In addition to a gap and misaligned teeth we can also help to correct an overbite, underbite and even a crossbite in patients due to our range of orthodontic options.

The process involves a thorough consultation and assessment so we can best understand your smile goals as well as review and assess the state of your teeth and gums. Once this has been completed we are then able to offer a personalised treatment plan which will offer tailored results suited to your needs. Our dentist in Haymarket will be on hand every step of the way during your smile makeover and you can also enjoy the support and assistance of our dental staff to help with any queries.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments offer immediate results

Do you feel self-conscious about visible staining on your teeth, or do you have discolouration? Our professional teeth whitening treatment is a wonderful way to achieve whiter teeth and the results can be seen in a short turnaround time.

Following a simple assessment our dental practitioner is able to create a customised tray that will fit perfectly over your teeth for a comfortable fit. This tray together with a bleaching agent will deliver the whitening treatment onto your teeth which will help to lighten the shade of them.

Replace missing or loose teeth with the help of dental implants

If you’re looking to find a natural-looking solution to missing or loose teeth look no further than dental implant surgery. We recommend including dental implants as an option to consider as they feel normal and function in the same way as your original teeth.

Arrange a consultation with our dentist in Haymarket today to find out more about our variety of dental treatments on offer and how we can best assist you with your dental care needs.



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