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Is it time you found a different sort of dentist in Haymarket?

More than meets the eye

The recent impact of the Covid19 pandemic has caused a number of people of all ages and demographics to pay closer attention than ever to all aspects of their health. Whilst green juices and strict exercise regimes are a good place to start, here at Haymarket Dental Care we want to stress that your oral health can be just as important as your physical health. Our teeth and gums act as our first line of defence in the battle against plaque and bacteria, and if they are neglected then it can result in a number of damaging health problems, as well as a great deal of social pressure and concern. We are a dentist in Haymarket who firmly believe that an excellent dental professional is vital to maintaining a good standard of healthy living. We urge anybody who feels they may have slightly neglected their dental routine over the last few months to take action by arranging a consultation with us now, rather than waiting until the problem worsens. When visiting our dentist in Haymarket, we can make sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be, as well as offer a number of procedures - such as cosmetic dentistry - which can leave you with a healthier, brighter smile.

Treating a dental emergency

Our teeth - specifically enamel, which is the outermost layer of tooth - are made from the strongest naturally occurring material within our bodies. That being said, accidents do occasionally happen, and our teeth can be damaged, chipped or broken. Dental trauma of any sort is usually always a traumatic and stressful ordeal, however it is vital that people know what to do in such cases, and that they contact their dentist in Haymarket as soon as possible. The sooner that patients visit our emergency dental practice in cases of dental trauma, the higher the likelihood is that their tooth can be fixed swiftly or re-inserted if it has been avulved.

What happens during an emergency dental appointment?

As all cases of trauma are different by nature, there is never a one-size-fits-all treatment, although there are some steps which are typically carried out within all dental emergency cases. The first of these is the examination of the affected area, alongside taking photographs and X-rays to determine the extent to which the trauma has affected the surrounding teeth. Following this, depending on the degree of pain the patient is suffering, the emergency dentist may administer a local anaesthetic. Thereafter they will typically restore the patient's tooth or teeth either on a permanent or temporary basis - depending on the level of care that they require. In severe cases where the tooth has been lost or is damaged beyond repair, the emergency dentist may recommend dental implants to permanently replace the lost tooth.

What are dental implants?

Unlike traditional methods of replacing broken or lost teeth such as crowns and dental bridges, dental implants are a permanent solution to lost teeth. They work through the surgical implantation of a titanium alloy socket inside the patient's jawbone, to which a denture is then permanently fixed in place. They are usually considered to be far more durable and comfortable than traditional dentures, and look identical to natural teeth. Anyone who has lost a tooth through dental trauma or otherwise should speak to one of our experts at Haymarket Dental Care about their dental implant options.



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