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Let your dentist in Haymarket look at solutions for you

By visiting your dentist in Haymarket every six months or so to have a check-up, you are taking those first and very important steps in ensuring that your teeth and gums are free from decay and disease.

Even though you may believe your teeth and gums are strong and healthy, underlying conditions can be dormant for many years, effectively going unnoticed.

It is only with our specialised skills and the advanced technology and tools that we have available to us are we able to identify even the slightest signs of decay and disease. By having the opportunity to investigate the condition of your smile every six months, your dentist in Haymarket can make accurate and detailed assessments of your teeth and gums so that they can draw conclusive decisions about the ongoing health of your smile.

It is sometimes too late when you come in to see your dentist in Haymarket with a toothache. By this time, decay can have eaten through your enamel and is hitting your nerves. We may need to perform extensive surgery or a root canal to remove any infection or dead tissue, meaning that the health of that tooth will be permanently compromised.

We choose not to extract a tooth unless it is critical that we do so. It is always better that you hold on to your original teeth for the overall health and wellbeing of your smile. In some cases though, and sadly quite frequently, it is necessary to extract a tooth.

You should know that once a tooth is removed, it is imperative that we replace it. Missing teeth can cause your other teeth to shift and move about your mouth. This can lead to many more complications. Exposed gums can also be subjected to cuts and infection. This can be painful, ongoing and exhausting.

Of course your overall health and wellbeing deteriorates if you do not look after your oral health. We are finding that there are intimate links within your body that research is identifying, but not yet able to explain. One example is the link between heart disease and gum disease. Another is between missing teeth and mental health.

As oral healthcare professionals, we seek to improve your health and wellbeing in every way that we can. When you come into our dental practice, we explore all options that are available to you, so that we can address any issues that you may have completely.

This is why we ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire regarding not only your dental history, but your medical history, your lifestyle choices and your diet as well. Combining all of the information that we have and using it as background knowledge whilst we examine your teeth and gums, we can draw informed conclusions and provide you with the best quality care that we can.

The more often you take advantage of our services, we believe the better off you will be. This is why a general visit every six months is preferred, so that we can keep in touch with you and monitor any changes, however slight they may be.



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