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Let your smile flourish through a dentist in Haymarket

Shy away no more

Here at Haymarket Dental Care, we understand that there are many patients who are self conscious or embarrassed about the way their smiles look. We are a dentist in Haymarket who truly believes that every smile is beautiful in it’s own unique way. That being said, we also recognise that these are increasingly image orientated times, and that with the rise in social media usage across all ages, there has been a surge in interest around cosmetic dentistry and ways in which patients can increase the beauty of their smiles. We firmly believe that nobody ought to hide their smile away out of fear, and that - through seeking our assistance - we can bring about the natural beauty behind any smile.

Could my smile benefit from cosmetic dentistry?

At Haymarket Dental Care, it is our goal to bring about a smile on the faces of every one of our patients. Anyone who is unsure about whether or not cosmetic dentistry is the right form of achieving the smile they deserve, need only visit our dentist in Haymarket for a friendly, non-committal conversation. This chat will help the patient have a better understanding of the breadth of cosmetic dentistry, and the vastness of the options which are available to them. Far from whatever preconceived notions that patients may have had about cosmetic dentistry, or from what they may have heard or read, our fully trained and expert dentist in Haymarket provide a perfectly safe and trustworthy service. Every cosmetic dentistry procedure which we provide is entirely tailored around what the patient wants their smile to look like, and what degree of treatment they wish to carry out.

Dental veneers

One of the most popular and ‘famous’ forms of cosmetic dentistry which we provide to patients here at Haymarket Dental Care, is dental veneers. You may have heard about veneers in the past, or you may recognise them in the smiles of famous celebrities and movie stars - although they are actually a rather common and relatively non-invasive form of cosmetic treatment. Veneers are designed to be a one-stop-shop solution to a number of cosmetic issues which patient's may have with their teeth. Issues such as discoloration, chipped or broken teeth, teeth which are misaligned, or have large gaps between them. Veneers provide patients with an entirely remodeled, new smile - on a permanent basis. This is achieved by attaching a wafer-thin layer of porcelain directly to the front of each tooth in the patient's mouth, effectively giving them a whole new set of teeth.

How do veneers work?

If you feel that you have an issue with your teeth which could be solved through veneer treatment, then the initial step in going about the process would be to visit our practice in Haymarket. In doing so, you can have any questions you may have about the procedure answered, as well as let our experts have a look at your teeth. If you are certain that you wish to carry out veneer treatment, then an impression will be made of each of your teeth - typically digitally, although sometimes through a moud. This impression will then be sent to a veneer technician, who will begin constructing a porcelain veneer for each individual tooth. After the construction, the enamel of the patient's teeth will be filled down slightly, before each veneer is permanently bonded to the front of the patient's existing teeth - effectively covering them and giving their smile a whole new look.



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