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Looking for a new dentist in Haymarket? Five reasons to join Haymarket Dental Care today!

Looking for a new dental surgery for you and your family?

While it was once commonplace to join the dental practice that was closest to your home, as more people have higher expectations about dental services, there are more things to consider.

If you have children, you will want a dental surgery that can offer specialist services for children, while not being too overbearing. If you are nervous about getting into the dental chair, then you will obviously want a compassionate dental team, who can help you overcome your fear while also offering you high-quality dental services.

Luckily, our team at Haymarket Dental Carecan help. If you are looking for a high-quality dentist in Haymarket, Edinburgh, we are the surgery you are looking for. Offering every dental service from general to cosmetic treatment under one roof, our team can offer you a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, whilst also being professional and compassionate.

Why should you choose to join our dentist in Haymarket? We can give you five top reasons!

Nervous patients

As previously mentioned, if the thought of setting foot into a dental surgery makes you sweat, our dentist in Haymarket can help!

Our team will aim to ensure that any appointment and associated treatment you have with us will be as comfortable as possible. We will work with you to overcome your fear of dental treatment, while ensuring that you receive the dental treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Emergency dental care

If you wake up at 2 am with a toothache, you will be glad you joined Haymarket Dental Care!

Our surgery prides itself on its emergency treatment options and strives to offer same-day appointments to anyone who is experiencing a dental emergency. At your appointment, we will treat you with care and get you out of any associated discomfort as soon as possible.

Cosmetic options

Nowadays, dental surgeries can offer so much more than a basic check-up and Haymarket Dental is no exception.

Everything from tooth whitening to dental implants, our cosmetic team will work with you to give you the smile you deserve, to leave you feeling proud when you show off your straighter, healthier-looking pearly whites!

Children's teeth

Children's teeth require more tender loving care than adult teeth and at Haymarket Dental Care, we can provide it.

Our team can provide your child with preventive dental treatments, including fluoride sealants at the first signs of decay. We can also help with orthodontic options; examining your child's newly emerged adult teeth for the first signs of an alignment issue and treating them with the appropriate aligner or brace.

Facial aesthetics

Going to a dental surgery for wrinkle reduction?

A newly emerging option in many dental surgeries that we are proud to offer our patients, our team can improve the appearance of both your teeth and reduce those pesky, unsightly wrinkles under one roof. As dentists have detailed knowledge of facial structure what could make more sense? Want to try dermal fillers or Botox? Come to Haymarket Dental Care for both!

Contact our team today!



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