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Might it be worth your while to visit a dentist in Haymarket?

Make a change

Nowadays, a lot of people feel self conscious about the way that they look. There are a number of speculative reasons as to why this may be the case - with many feeling that the increased usage of social media might be the reason as to why more frequently than ever people are becoming self-conscious or aware about how they look. At Haymarket Dental Care, all we really want is to see our patients happy. As such, we are a dentist in Haymarket who has an entire section of our practice which is devoted to cosmetic dentistry solutions, which can make a massive change to the way our patients smile, and as such massively boost their inner and outer confidence.

Invisible orthodontics

One of the most common aims of those who seek treatment through our cosmetic dentist in Haymarket is to achieve a straighter teeth. Having teeth which are misaligned or crooked can vastly increase the patient's chances of developing periodontal disease (or gum disease) which is the leading cause across the country for tooth loss in adults. The reasoning behind this is that - if your teeth are crooked - small particles of food or bacteria can often become lodged within the gaps in your teeth. If these bacteria or food particles are not removed by brushing or flossing, they can harden and become plaque or tartar. If this plaque or tartar remains, then it can spread into the root of the tooth and cause further long-term issues such as periodontal disease. Besides the potentially damaging impact that having crooked teeth can have, we are also a dentist in Haymarket who recognises the social implications that having misaligned teeth can have on our patients. This is why we offer a discrete solution through invisible orthodontics, which can let our patients achieve healthier, straighter looking teeth - without having to wear metal braces.

How does invisible orthodontic work?

If you are unfamiliar about the ins and outs of invisible orthodontics, then do not worry - one of our expert cosmetic orthodontists here at Haymarket Dental Clinic is on hand to fill you in on whatever you need to know. You are probably familiar with the basis of conventional braces - and perhaps even had them yourself when you were younger. Those types of braces use fused brackets which are attached to the front of a patient's teeth, and are connected with a metal wire, to apply tension over time to make the patient's teeth move into their correct space. Invisible orthodontics however, do not require any brackets or wires at all. Instead, they only use a removable plastic retainer. Each installation of invisible orthodontics is entirely different from the last, as each retainer is formed from an imprint of each patient's tooth shape. As such, it fits perfectly around the unique contours and groves of their teeth. Built within the retainer there are pressure points. These pressure points gradually move the patient's teeth into their desired space over the duration of treatment. What makes this form of orthodontics so appealing however, is that the retainers are completely transparent - and as such, when they are worn by patients, they are almost entirely undetectable. This allows patients to carry out their daily lives, as normal, without attracting any attention but still achieving a straighter looking, healthier smile.



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