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Need your teeth whitened or straightened in a hurry?Five benefits of dental veneers

Do you have a wedding or another big event on the horizon that you want to look your best for?

In years gone by, there were few cosmetic dental options available to help you spruce yourself up for a big occasion, with the most popular one being tooth whitening.

While popular, this was unsuitable for patients who had sensitive teeth, as the bleaches and gels that were used would get to the nerve of the tooth via the microscopic holes in the enamel.

Today however, many dental surgeries can whiten your teeth with a straightforward treatment known as porcelain veneers, which unlike whitening gels, cause no irritation or discomfort to sensitive teeth.

At Haymarket Dental Care, our dentist in Haymarket is experienced at fitting porcelain veneers; we can colour and shape match them to your surrounding teeth, or, if you prefer,we can whiten your smile by up to sixteen shades in one sitting. Now that is speedy whitening without the hassle!

But are there other advantages to having veneers fitted by our dentist in Haymarket? Read on to find out!


As mentioned earlier, veneers are a great alternative to traditional whitening techniques that involve bleaches or gels.

Used as a suitable way to whiten teeth by up to sixteen shades, veneers can also be whitened, meaning that if you have a few teeth in your mouth that can handle being whitened, you won’t be left with teeth that are different shades of white. Perfect!

Stain resistant

It seems almost every food or drink that we consume in our daily lives can lead to staining, causing our teeth to become yellowed or faded in appearance.

Another benefit of veneers is that once they have been fitted by our dentist in Haymarket, they will be resistant to staining from things like red wine, coffee or dark chocolate. Perfect for keeping that gorgeous white smile looking fresh and healthy for longer!

Reduced sensitivity

Ok, so we’ve briefly mentioned tooth sensitivity as a reason to undertake whitening with veneers as opposed to gels or pastes.

But, one of the best things about veneers is that once they are fitted, those one sensitive teeth become a thing of the past! As they are fitted like a false nail, they cover the surface of the tooth and are held in place using dental cement. This prevents those microscopic holes allowing access to the root of the tooth and so prevents sensitivity.

Straighter smile

Useful for not only whitening, our team can also use veneers to create a straighter, more symmetrical smile. As veneers can be shaped to close minor gaps and can create a longer look to certain teeth, they can make your smile gap free and more visually aligned.

Long lasting

There are some rumours that dental veneers do not last long.Simply put, this is not true.

Provided that you practice good oral hygiene and undertake regular dental appointments, those shiny veneers can stay on your teeth for up to twenty years!



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