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Nervous patients and why the right dentist matters!

Working from the heart of Edinburgh, there are homely family practices which have seen three generations of some families. As our dentist in Haymarket has changed for the better, it has allowed us to provide a greater range of treatments to more and more people. A sticking point remains for nervous patients, who may feel more than a bit anxious about getting into the dental chair. Let us show you that there are options and that our dental clinic need not be a place to fear.

Haymarket Dental Care is a mixed practice serving both NHS and private patients and we are proud to help people from all walks of life at our husband and wife partnership.

We have found that more cautious patients have some of the most complex needs. Unfortunately, this is usually due to delays in treatment because of them trying their best to struggle on and suffer needlessly.

Beyond whatever their dental needs may be, there seems to be a shame around how bad their condition is. This is often exaggerated in their own mind. Sadly, we hear things like 'I can't believe it got this bad' or patients apologising about the condition of their own teeth! At the end of the day, we are dental professionals who have chosen our career to help people. It is very unlikely that you could be a shocking case or that we would be put-out by treating you.

The standard of care we strive for at our dentist in Haymarket, using the latest developments in dentistry, allows far more to be done than ever before with much less discomfort and a lot less time spent in the chair. Whether that's the use of clear aligners to straighten teeth without braces or faster, quieter drills. We can carry out digital dental X-rays in real time to guide treatment and facilitate tooth whitening at home by crafting bleaching trays for you from dental moulds.

Our team

The core of our team consists of David and Charlotte Glavin, sharing the adventure of marriage and running Haymarket Dental Care since 2009. As an independent dentist in Haymarket, we have the freedom to provide dental care to our standards without a head office or additional bureaucracy.

Understanding you

We understand that there can be some barriers preventing many patients from seeking the dental care that they require. With full communication, we hope to break down those barriers, fully explaining every step of your treatment, the equipment and techniques which we implement, as well as arranging a non-verbal method of signing during treatment. This will ensure that you are always in control of the procedure and can stop at any time.

There are also options to use topical anaesthetic gels over injections if you wish. We understand that it may have been some time since you have had a check-up and you may be unfamiliar with your options.

As dental care is highly personalised, it is challenging to talk more about what care or treatments you should expect. Feel free to get in contact with us either over the phone or by email and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.



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