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Nervous patients: how our dentist can help

You might think that your local clinic is solely focused on your dental care (and it is), but it's surprising what concerns many people have about dental care. Aversion to dentistry is extremely common, with nearly 1 in 5 people finding dental visits unnerving or worse. Our dentist in Haymarket welcomes any patients who are suffering from dental aversion.

Many people underestimate the impact of dental anxiety; physiological symptoms like tachycardia and lightheadedness are common. Moreover, the extent that anxious patients will go to (extreme discomfort) and other risks they will put themselves through in order not to attend appointments at their local clinic can be extraordinary.

Delaying treatment not only increases the need for more invasive care, which comes along with a higher price tag, but also creates a greater chance of tooth loss. These things are well known to the sufferers of dental anxiety, yet they continue to spite their best reasoning to avoid treatment. There's a testament to the seriousness of their aversion and not a comment on their character, but we, as a clinic, see this all too often.

Topical anaesthetic

Topical anaesthetics are gels and creams with numbing agents that can be applied to the skin before injection; they can be a useful precursor for those who have issues with needles and injections. After a topical anaesthetic is applied, the area will be numbed within a few minutes, and the injection can be carried out without you even noticing it.

Depending on the procedure, there is also the opportunity to use twilight sedation techniques that contain some of the elements of full sedation but can be performed in the clinic. It is far safer than the kind of anaesthesia in surgical procedures but will still calm the patient and leave them with no memories of their time in the chair.

Familiarity and acceptance

Our family dentist in Haymarket, practises a style of dentistry focused on forming a relationship with our patients, not only for the day but also across their entire time with us. We do want to help; it is not our role to make judgements or hand down edicts to our patients who have hired us to assist with their dental health treatments, and how we see our professional relationship with you is a part of that.

Tailoring a treatment plan

Every patient has their treatment plan tailored; this is just as significant with nervous patients, considering the impact their anxiety can have on the progress of their treatment. Too many procedures in close proximity may be overwhelming, while long gaps between procedures may allow the patient to talk themselves out of treatment they really need. We will often set a treatment plan that meets the patient's needs, and this is something that our dentist in Haymarket is proud of.

If you or a family member suffers from dental anxiety and would like to get in contact with our clinic for more information or book an appointment, please feel free to do so. We are operating as normal within the guidelines on infection control set by the UK government.



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