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Not sure if you need a same day appointment? 4 common dental emergencies by Haymarket Dental Care

If you witnessed someone getting hit by a car or saw a child falling off of a swing, chances are you would recognise that they required urgent medical treatment.

However, if you were to wake up to a painless swelling in your mouth, what would you do?

While there is truth behind most dental emergencies being uncomfortable, there are many situations that warrant emergency dental treatment that do not cause any discomfort at all. This can leave many people puzzled about what situations require a same-day dental appointment and which can wait until next week.

At Haymarket Dental Care, we want to help all of our patients recognise when they require same-day treatment from our dentist in Haymarket and strive to offer emergency appointments every day. Our team will take the time to examine your mouth and to relieve any discomfort you may be in, while diagnosing and treating the underlying condition.

But what emergencies does our dentist in Haymarket see regularly and how can you identify if you are experiencing one? Read on to find out!

Facial swelling

Easy to identify simply by looking in the mirror, facial swellings are seen by our emergency dentist in Haymarket frequently.

However, associated symptoms may vary depending on the underlying cause. If you have a throbbing or pulsating discomfort in your mouth, chances are you have an infection under one of your teeth. If you notice a bruised sensation in your jaw accompanied by swelling, there may be an issue with your wisdom teeth erupting.

Lost filling or crown

These can be tricky to identify unless you witness the filling falling out, but most people are aware they have lost a filling or a crown due to increased sensitivity in the tooth.

While the loss of a filling or a crown may cause discomfort, it is vital that you see a member of our emergency dental team as soon as you notice the issue. Delaying treatment could lead to an infection forming under the tooth or cause further damage to the enamel.

Chipped or cracked tooth

Similar to a lost filling, a chipped or cracked tooth is tough to identify if it isn’t at the front of the mouth. However, many people who have either chipped or cracked a tooth notice increased sensitivity to the area, depending on the depth of the damage.

Our emergency team will be able to repair any cracks or chips in the enamel with composite and remove any accumulated debris from the area, preventing the risk of infection.

Unusual lumps or bumps

Nothing makes dental patients more nervous than the appearance of a lump in the mouth and it’s better to be safe than sorry!

While most lumps are benign, it is important you book an appointment to see our team as soon as you notice one. Although it is unlikely to be oral cancer, early identification has an obvious benefit in relation to treatment and we will be able to refer you to an oral oncologist.



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