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Putting a smile on your face through our quality dentist in Haymarket

Care for you

At Haymarket Dental Care, our number one concern lies with ensuring your well-being and comfort throughout every stage of your treatment journey using our services. We recognise that we are living in a constantly changing and evolving world, and as such we strive to adapt and mould our services to make use of the most cutting-edge and emerging technologies, and combine them with decades of first-hand, practical dental experiences and techniques.

Whatever form of treatment you require from our dentist in Haymarket, we promise you that we will listen to your individual, unique needs and desires, and tailor our service to fit and surpass these. Smiles on the rise

We are a dentist in Haymarket who offers a fully comprehensive dental service which covers an expanse of different solutions, including cosmetic dentistry options, as well as preventive and structural dentistry options. Over the past decade, here at Haymarket Dental Care, we’ve noticed a significant and noteworthy increase in the number of patients - across all demographics - who are increasingly seeking out cosmetic dentistry options to enhance the aesthetics of their smile and address a number of issues. At Haymarket Dental we embrace this new surge of interest and engagement, and are happy to provide care to a new wave of patients turning to our dentist in Haymarket. Fulfilling your needs

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry where we’ve noticed a distinct rise in requests, are white fillings. These are a cosmetic alternative to conventional, NHS silver amalgam fillings. Fillings are a relatively common dental procedure that every adult will probably have to have at least once in their lives. They are typically used in cases where a patient's tooth has become decayed slightly and is required to be cleaned and filled with a specialised dental filling material. Conventional, silver fillings are constructed from a mix of copper, zinc, mercury and tin. Whilst these are effective in their purpose, they are largely detectable within the mouths of patients, particularly if they are in the bottom set of a patient’s teeth, as they will be clearly visible when they speak. This visibility when speaking is the main reason as to why so many people are seeking out white, composite fillings. These are, as you’ve probably deduced from the name, white. As such, they blend in perfectly in the patient's mouth to the point that they are pretty much impossible to detect. This allows patients to fill gaps within their teeth in a manner which is both effective and discreet. Calming environment

Here at Haymarket Dental Care we understand that, whilst the number of new patients who are actively seeking dental care from us are on the rise - there is still a contingency who refrain from seeking our services out of anxiety or stress that is related to a visit to the dentist. This dental anxiety is far from uncommon, and in an effort to combat it we’ve established a specific ‘nervous patient’ service which aims to treat those who experience dental anxiety in a respectful, understanding, caring and considerate manner, and at a pace which they feel comfortable with.



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