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Scared of seeing the dentist? Five self-help tips to help you manage your anxiety

Does the thought of visiting your dental surgery for a check-up fill you with dread? Would you rather endure persistent toothache than let a dental professional look inside your mouth?

You are not alone!

Regularly noted as one of the most common phobias worldwide, many people fear getting into the dental chair and thus avoid check-ups altogether. This can, of course, add to the issue; mouths that do not have regular examinations are more likely to suffer from issues such as decay and gum disease, leaving many nervous patients in a catch 22 situation.

At Haymarket Dental Care, we understand that getting into the dental chair is a daunting prospect for many people. Our team is able to offer our most nervous patients a pain-free visit to our dentist in Haymarket,along with sedation and relaxation options too.

But what techniques can you use to empower yourself when you visit our dentist in Haymarket? Read on to find out our top 5 tips!

Acknowledge your fear

This is a tip that sounds easy in theory but can be difficult in practice.

Many people are taught from a young age to ignore unpleasant feelings like anxiety or fear and so, many nervous patients pretend that they are fine when they are actually having a panic attack!

When you visit our dentist in Haymarket, if you feel apprehensive, tell our dental team. We will work with you to make you feel more comfortable and discuss everything we are doing with you, giving you complete control.

Deep breathing and visualisation

Taking multiple deep breaths and envisioning a relaxing landscape before getting into the dental chair can work wonders if your heart rate is racing.

There are many self-help guides available online or in book form to help you get these techniques down to a fine art, to help you manage your anxiety about the dental surgery and other areas of life too.


Is it the sound of the drill that is off-putting?

Our dental team at Haymarket will happily accommodate you listening to your own headset while in the chair, allowing you to focus on relaxing music, your favourite radio station or even an audiobook.

Watch your food and drink intake

When many patients visit us early in the morning, they have had the standard morning coffee or tea.

While this is fine for those without any dental based worries, if you are nervous about seeing us, then try to avoid caffeine. Caffeinated products cause your heart rate to increase and that, coupled with nervousness, can become a spiral for anxiety. Stick to juices or water before seeing us, to help keep your heart rate down and relaxed.


Many patients with a fear of dental procedures have had a negative experience with dental professionals, usually in childhood.

If your fear is too overpowering, consider booking yourself to see a therapist. Phobias are exceedingly common in psychology and a trained therapist can help you manage your fears with specialised techniques - you can conquer this fear!



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