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Smile with a quality dentist in Haymarket

Smiles are good for the soul

Here at Haymarket Dental Clinic, we like to feel that we are different from your average dentist in Haymarket. Whilst others may simply focus on treating patients as quickly as possible before moving on to the next case, our professional staff at Haymarket Dental Clinic feel that it is our duty to provide a service to each of our patients that makes them smile. By smiling, your brain releases endorphins and serotonin, which are the chemical formulas in our brains which make happiness. So, by making our patient smile through our expert service, we are increasing their overall joy and happiness - which, we feel, is a good thing.

Brighten up your life

One of the more popular treatments which we provide here at Haymarket Dental Clinic is cosmetic tooth whitening. Cosmetic teeth whitening is a treatment which is popular with patients across all ages, and something which can have a massively positive impact on the self-esteem and outward smile of those who opt for it. We are a dentist in Haymarket who provides both in-practice dental whitening and home-whitening kits, each being tailored to the needs of the individual. If you have a social event or special occasion on the horizon and wish to brighten your smile quickly, then the best solution for you would probably be in-practice whitening. This can let patients visibly brighten their teeth in as little as an hour or less.

How does in-practice whitening work?

This is achieved through the creation of a unique retainer of the interior of each patient's mouth. Into this retainer, a specialised, completely safe amount of a dental hydrogen-peroxide gel is placed, before being worn over the patient's teeth. The bleaching agent within the gel starts almost immediately to rid the patient's teeth of any visible stains or discoloration, and leaves them with a whiter looking and more impactful smile in a short timeframe.


We are also a dentist in Haymarket who provides our patients with home-whitening kits, which allow them (as you may have guessed) to complete treatment at home. Unlike in-practice whitening, the effects of this method of whitening typically take about two weeks to be completed, although this depends on the extent that the patient wants the results to be. The process of undergoing home-whitening treatment begins in a similar manner to that of in-practice whitening in that a mould is taken of the patient's dental shape, from which a retainer is made. The patient is then given this retainer to return home with. Next, they apply a similar peroxide-based gel inside, which begins to gradually lighten their teeth when worn periodically - such as when sleeping. Over the last few years, there has been a considerable rise in the amount of people opting for online-purchased home whitening kits over ones from the dentist. Many of these kits that haven’t been cleared by a professional may have an unsafe quantity of hydrogen-peroxide within them and have the potential to permanently damage the patient's teeth. We advise coming to see us instead to be sure that your teeth are being whitened safely.



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