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Surprising dental habits a dentist would recommend

At Haymarket Dental Care we applaud every step our patients take to improving and ensuring their oral health. While many patients are already familiar with approved dental hygiene habits like cleaning their teeth, tongue and gums twice a day and making the effort to have their oral health checked by a dentist in Haymarket, there are those additional habits that patients should also be mindful of.

Five lesser-known ways to take care of oral health

Improving oral health by inculcating good lifestyle and behavioural habits is the best way to keep dental issues such as bad breath, cavities and gum disease at bay. To help our patients in this endeavour, our dentist in Haymarket offers the following tips to protect dental health.

1. Beware of hidden sugars in foods

Sugar has been found to be a leading cause of tooth decay. In addition to avoiding sugar-laden foods and beverages, patients are also advised to look out for hidden sugars that may not be so obvious to unsuspecting consumers. A survey of the list of ingredients found on packaging has highlighted those hidden sugars contained in even ‘healthy’ foods and snacks. The list of surprising foods include dried fruit and fruit juices (even the unsweetened varieties) Foods should ideally have less than 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

2. Don’t rinse out mouth after brushing

Keeping toothpaste on teeth for longer by not rinsing out the mouth with water once teeth are brushed, allows teeth to derive maximum benefit from the fluoride contained in toothpaste. The role of fluoride is to protect the enamel (outer layer of teeth) from acid and plaque.

3. Monitor medical conditions such as diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition that wreaks havoc on the body’s organs including the mouth. For diabetic patients it is critical that they manage their condition and take even greater care of their oral health. A range of gum issues and loss of bone density are two consequences that have serious effects on dental health.

4. Stop smoking

As difficult as this is for some patients to do, our dentist in Haymarket highly recommends quitting smoking to maintain good health of the mouth. Not only will patients reduce the likelihood of oral cancer and gum problems, there is also less chance of teeth staining. There are benefits for overall general health too.

5. Pay attention to children’s teeth

Many parents make the mistake of not placing enough importance on looking after the teeth of their children. Part of the problem is the belief that baby teeth don’t matter as they will fall out anyway. But this is far from the truth. It has been found that children with poor dental health are less likely to perform academically. They may struggle to concentrate during learning due to discomfort and pain and may even miss out on lessons. By instilling good dental habits at a young age, children will take these habits into adulthood.

Is it time to prioritise that long-awaited dental visit? You will find caring dental practitioners at Haymarket Dental Care. Schedule a consultation today to receive quality dental care.



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