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Taking time out to attend your important appointments with your dentist in Haymarket

Putting in the measures to prevent future dental problems

It may come as no surprise that, just as you don’t want to attend too many dental appointments, our dental team is working towards seeing you as little as possible too. After all, if your dentist in Haymarket only sees you once or twice a year, it hopefully means that this is just for your regular check-up appointment and that your oral health is continuing to be maintained to a high standard.

Our dental team will encourage regular visits, approximately 6 to 12 months apart, to help keep an eye on your oral health and put in measures to prevent more extensive treatments and procedures further down the line. Each appointment will help our dental team monitor the effectiveness of your oral cleaning process carried out at home and enable them to educate you on any adjustments or additions that may be needed. This could be anything from switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush, to relieving the pressure of brushing too hard.

How regular do the check-ups need to be?

With life being filled with a variety of exciting and mundane tasks every day, the thought of adding another appointment may seem a little overwhelming. Luckily, dental check-ups can be booked well in advance and generally range from between six to twelve months, ensuring that you have plenty of time to prepare and schedule in this important appointment. If nearer the time something comes up, with enough notice we will be able to reschedule to ensure that the appointment is kept and that your oral health does not suffer. Please note, if you have recently had treatment or undergone a procedure, for the short term your check-up appointments will be more frequent, as there will be other things to consider alongside your general daily care.

Dental care for children

Concerning children with new teeth growing through, it may not spring to mind that the check-ups are just as important, if not more so, in the younger years of life. From as young as 6 months old it is important to begin your child’s dental journey, making visits to our dentist in Haymarket a part of their health routine. Whilst this may sound extremely young, after all, not all children have teeth at this young age, putting in the visits from the start will help your child view the visits as a positive experience and have their confidence grow with each appointment.

As with adult care, these appointments will vary from between 6 to 12 months, as it will not only help create a bond between the dentist in Haymarket and your child, but will ensure that any overbites or underbites are spotted early on along with any other potential dental problems. Should any dental problems appear to be developing, during these appointments plans can be created and put in place to ensure the problem does not develop further.

This approach with regular appointments from a young age helps diminish the risk of dental problems occurring further down the line and greatly reduces the possibility of extensive treatments or procedures throughout the teenage years.

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