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Uncertain if you have a dental emergency?Five common conditions that require an emergency dental tr

Let’s face it, emergency situations are never fun. Add dental pain and a late night wake up call and it is just a recipe for disaster!

While many people assume that they will never be on the receiving end of a dental emergency, such situations are extremely common and, as the name suggests, require urgent attention from a dental professional.

However, while discomfort is an obvious indicator of a dental emergency, there are many other conditions and scenarios that warrant immediate medical attention from a dental team, some of which present with no discomfort at all!

At Haymarket Dental Care, we are extremely proud of our emergency dentist in Haymarket and can offer all patients who have a dental emergency a same day appointment. We will strive to get you out of any discomfort you are in and treat the issue effectively, allowing you to get on with your day.

But, what are some of the more subtle dental emergencies that require a same day trip to our dentist in Haymarket? Read on to find out.


OK, so if you have ever had a dental emergency before, it is likely that you experienced some degree of facial swelling.

Even if it isn’t painful, the moment you notice swelling in your cheek, under your chin or around your jaw, you need to see our dentist in Haymarket immediately. Swelling can indicate an infection, an impacted tooth or even damage to the jaw, all of which require urgent medical attention.

Broken or chipped tooth

Broken and chipped teeth are very common in dental surgeries, but that does not make them any less serious.

If you notice a chip or a crack on your tooth, it is important you book an emergency appointment with our team. Left untreated, the crack or chip in the tooth can spread and may even allow bacteria to enter the tooth, leading to an infection. A simple composite filling from our team can avoid all of this, and provide you with a restored tooth that you can use as soon as you leave the surgery.

Lost filling or crown

Losing a filling or a crown is less common these days, due to the use of composite material as opposed to metal.

If you do notice your filling or crown is loose or has detached completely, you should call our team. Refitting both crowns and fillings is straightforward and, while it may be tempting to avoid an appointment if there is no pain, it can lead to an infection or the spread of decay.

Loose tooth

Loose teeth can indicate an issue with your gum or your jaw; either way, if you are over the age of seven and you notice one of your teeth is wobbling, come and see us straight away!

Broken or detached brace

If you wear a brace and you notice one of the brackets is loose or detached, come to us for a temporary fix. You will need to book an appointment with your orthodontist too.



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