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What are the benefits of check-ups at the dentist in Haymarket?

Patients are reminded that visiting the dentist in Haymarket for a scheduled check-up is just part and parcel of proper dental health care. Without this all-important physical examination of the mouth, dental practitioners will not be able to detect warning symptoms that point to a poor oral health issue brewing. Nor are they able to implement suitable preventive treatment plans to avoid the issue from escalating.

One of the main benefits of preventive dentistry treatments available at Haymarket Dental Care is to take timely action to treat the problem so that the patient will not have to spend more money on more complex treatments down the line.

If you have not paid attention to the dental check-up appointment before, here’s why you should start.

Benefits of check-ups at the dentist in Haymarket

A check-up at our dentist in Haymarket is beneficial in the following ways:

● Proper dental cleanings

To keep teeth in good shape, patients will require deep cleaning treatments to ensure teeth are kept bacteria- and plaque free. An ordinary toothbrush (even when used twice a day) is not enough to completely remove the build-up of plaque on enamel. Also, the reach of a toothbrush is limited as there are awkward areas in the mouth they can’t reach.

Over time the foods trapped in between these spaces accumulate and harden into plaque and tartar. A proper deep cleaning treatment makes use of purposeful dental instruments and the professional skills and knowledge of the dental practitioner to remove these teeth-destroying deposits.

● Fluoride treatments

When teeth are exposed to high levels of acids present in the mouth, this puts at risk the health and strength of teeth. These high levels of acids pull out vital minerals from teeth enamel, making them weak. Fluoride treatments restore these lost minerals and strengthen teeth surfaces so that they become more resistant to the formation of cavities.

● Professional advice

When it comes to medical-related issues, it is crucial that patients consider the source of information they look to. General advice that is so easily available online does not take into account a patient’s individual situation that may be made complex by underlying conditions which must always be a consideration for reliable diagnosis and treatment.

A dental appointment is a golden opportunity to ask questions and address concerns with a professional, knowledgeable and trained in the field of dentistry.

● Have x-rays taken

Sometimes dentists have to have a look below the gum line for a more definitive diagnosis. An x-ray can be instrumental in highlighting, for example, tooth movement – a problem that can also put oral health at risk.

● Oral cancer screenings

It is surprising how few patients are aware of this type of cancer. Just as important are screening for other types of cancers, so too is it important for a patient to have themselves examined for signs of mouth cancer, which can also be fatal if left undiagnosed.

It is best to leave signs and symptoms to be identified and confirmed by a professionally qualified dental practitioner who has the most relevant and in-depth knowledge of the mouth. Fight for your oral health – book a check-up at our Haymarket Dental Care clinic and gain peace of mind your dental health is being taken care of.



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