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What to expect from a visit to our dentist in Haymarket

Many of our patients, especially those who experience anxiety within a dental environment, may feel more comfortable once they know what to expect from a visit to our dentist in Haymarket. After our new patients have booked their first appointment at our dentist in Haymarket, (this may be from our online booking system, or using our direct contact details) they can expect to be greeted by our friendly receptionist team upon arrival and be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed your personal details will then be stored on our secure data system.

What happens next?

Once you enter the treatment room one of our friendly dental healthcare professionals will introduce themselves and ensure you feel comfortable while discussing your dental goals, or the oral hygiene issues you are experiencing. One of our dentists will ask you about the previous dental work you have received, as well as carry out a full oral examination, and note your medical conditions.

Ensuring our patients feel comfortable within the walls of our surgery

Once the general oral examination is complete in addition to the general questions regarding your dental condition, our team will discuss any future dental treatments you wish to receive, as well as tending to any questions, queries, or concerns you may have regarding your potential procedures.

At our dental surgery in Haymarket, we strive to promote a consistent approach to dentistry

Our dental team of specialists not only provide our patients with dentistry under the National Health Service, but also offer private dental care to ensure our patients can choose the right plan for them. In addition to the variety on offer at our surgery, we also wish to provide consistency in the dental care we provide, therefore we ensure our patients receive the same dentist for every appointment.

Are you interested in joining our dental practice?

If our attractive clinic and our friendly team of specialists look like they could work well for your unique dental case, then our surgery could be the perfect option for your smile! Located on our website we offer our patients both our direct contact details (such as our email address, and our contact telephone number, to name just a few examples) and we also provide a convenient online booking system.

Feeling nervous?

Many of our patients may be feeling anxious about a visit to our dental clinic, this is something we see quite often with visitors to our surgery and it is something we strive to accommodate to the best of our professional ability. If you are feeling nervous regarding an appointment at our surgery, then you need not fear. Our friendly team of specialists possess a wealth of experience when working with nervous patients and are always prepared to discuss all of the possible solutions for those concerned.

There for you at every stage of the treatment process

Within the field of dentistry there is a common belief that dental anxiety is only experienced by children, or individuals of a younger age, however this is far from accurate! Patients of all ages can experience anxiety for a multitude of reasons, one common example of which may be negative childhood experiences that are unfortunately carried into adulthood.



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