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What to expect when taking a trip to your dentist in Haymarket

Beginning your journey with our dental team

Whether a baby showing the first signs of teeth or an older patient who has had many years in the world, our dental team is here to support and guide our patients on all aspects of their dental journey. Our friendly and knowledgeable approach to dental care is available to support each of our patients throughout their journey with our team.

For those visiting us for the first time we will invite you to a consultation. Whilst this may sound a little daunting, rest assured that our dental team just want to ensure that all aspects of your care are taken into consideration. This means understanding your previous dental history, discussing any concerns which you may have regarding your care and understanding what your personal goals are in terms of your smile. Whilst some patients merely want to preserve their beautiful smile, others may wish to perfect their smile by following certain treatments such as orthodontics. Either way, our dentist in Haymarket wants to understand what it is you are looking for in your dental care and to support you during the process of getting where you want to be.

Following on from the discussion about your dental goals, a thorough physical examination of your teeth, gums and overall oral health will take place. X-rays, photographs and an oral cancer screening will also take place, although in some cases the X-rays will not be needed. This may appear overwhelming on paper, but it does not take too much time, however it does set your dental journey with us up for success. Understanding what we are working with and what we are aiming for enables both you, the patient, and your dentist in Haymarket to begin working from the same starting point which is of great importance.

The next step will be to create a dental plan for you so that going forward we are providing you with all the best options to suit your dental needs. This plan will be discussed and evaluated, as any plan put in place requires teamwork from both you and the dental team. It is important that you feel comfortable and in control of every part of your dental journey, our dentist in Haymarket is here to advise and guide you, but only you can choose which plan will suit you best.

Attending regular check-up appointments

After the initial consultation, it may be that your oral health is in excellent condition and therefore treatments and procedures will not necessarily be required. The next step would therefore be to attend regular check-up appointments. These appointments often range between 6-monthly visits to yearly visits, but this will always be advised by your dental team. These appointments will ensure that the oral hygiene process is on top form and advise of any potential changes which may need to be made at home; this could be as simple as using interdental brushes going forward to remove plaque. By attending these regular appointments a preventive dental approach can be implemented, removing the need for more intensive procedures and treatments further down the line.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures, whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, can carry possible risks. We therefore encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice on any mentioned within this article from our dental team.



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