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Why do you need to see a dentist in Haymarket?

We all know that it is important to see a dentist in Haymarket, but do you really understand why? We believe it is important to dissect the ins and outs of our role as this empowers your decisions to come in regularly to see us. It is human nature to seek answers and only follow guidelines if they make sense.

We recommend that you visit a dentist in Haymarket twice a year on average. Some of you will be asked to see us more frequently so that we can closely monitor a certain situation that can have an impact on your oral health. Although some individuals, having very healthy teeth and gums with a proven track record, can get away with a routine check-up once a year, a scale and polish should still be a priority biannually, in order to remove any plaque build up, brighten and whiten teeth easily and allow for a conversation to be held between professional and patient.

This is an affordable opportunity to raise any concerns, seek advice and gain that peace of mind that comes with having a professional look over your teeth and gums and ensure that you are maintaining a good oral hygiene routine.

What do we do during a standard examination?

Your dentist in Haymarket understands that a lot of the care that we provide comes through education and preventive support so with this in mind, there is a chunk of the consultation put aside to allow for you to speak about any concerns and for us to address them.

At the beginning of the appointment, we will give you an opportunity to raise anything that you believe to be important. We will then move on to examining your mouth, both inside and out, looking for a series of signs that indicate your general oral health by using only the most advanced of resources.

Such resources include high magnification and intensive lighting, which we routinely use. These tools ensure that we are able to accurately and quickly identify even the earliest signs of decay, giving you the best possible opportunity to rectify and restore your teeth before decay worsens.

This is one of the reasons why consistent and frequent examinations are important, because they allow us to capture minute changes in the health of your teeth and gums, so that we can apply preventive measures effectively before needing to resort to useful, yet more invasive restorative options that we have on hand.

This shift in mentality that we have adopted in modern dentistry does mean that our patients are able to enjoy stronger teeth for longer, giving people full functionality of their smile much later into life.

It’s important to care for your teeth and we are your best chance at ensuring that you can do it properly. It doesn’t take much, just a couple of times a year, a good oral hygiene routine and an understanding of the benefits that come with good oral health, as well as the potential consequences of unhealthy teeth and gums.



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